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Spodnie damskie Gobik LIMITED 5.0 K9

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Long, versatile, medium muscle compression thermal shorts for training and regular outings.

  • Properties: Thermal Balance
  • Fit: Female
  • Temperature of Use: 0 to +15 ºC
  • Weight: 200 g (M)


Low temperatures in winter days. It is a garment that will offer you an excellent thermal comfort in regular outings and training in cold climates.


  • Fabric with excellent lightness and thermal comfort.
  • Medium muscle compression.
  • Chamois pad K10 double density and bacteriostatic E.I.T Carbonium Flash fabric.
  • Micro-perforated flat straps.
  • Side and back panels in double laminated DUAL-SHIELD fabric.
  • Lower reflective details.
  • Leg loops with 35 mm siliconized elastic band.


  • LIMITED is a BIBTIGHT with excellent qualities of comfort, lightness and warmth. Its plush fabric provides a pleasant feeling in contact with the skin and will keep you warm during low temperature rides.
  • The Chamois pad K10 uses two different density foams with elastic memory for high resilience, ideal for long hours on the bike. The central channel improves blood flow and reduces pressure.
  • The shoulder straps are micro-perforated and ergonomic, distributing the pressure on the athlete in a balanced and uniform way. They have been moved to the inside to optimize the rider's ergonomics.
  • The side and back panels use a dual-laminated DUAL-SHIELD fabric for additional protection.
  • Reflectors are integrated at the lower end of the legs to provide extra visibility.
  • The leg loops are finished with a 35 mm siliconized elastic band.

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