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Spodnie rozgrzewkowe Gobik WARM UP ZOLDER

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Warming thermal tights, without Chamois pad, easy and quick to take off and put on thanks to its two long side zippers.

  • Properties: Easy Wear | Fast take off
  • Fit: Unisex 
  • Temperature of Use: 0 to +15 ºC
  • Weight: 250 g (M)


Cold temperatures. Moments prior to competitions and also post carrera, where a warm-up tights will provide thermal comfort and muscle compression.


  • Blizzard thermal fabric.
  • Textured interior panels.
  • Back panel with personalized jacquard ribbon.
  • 2 full length side zippers.
  • Reflective tapes.


  • Blizzard technical fabric provides the thermal insulation and muscle compression that a warm-up and post-competition tights require.
  • The inner panels are designed with a textured fabric that gives stability and optimal support to the tights, so that they are well fixed to our body.
  • The back panel integrates a customized Jacquard weave tape that gives the back area a plus of elasticity.
  • Its two long side zippers speed up the action of putting on or taking off the tights considerably.
  • Reflective strips in the lower area add plus visibility.

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