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Torebka podsiodłowa Gobik COMPACT TRUE BLACK

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Compact saddle bag ideal for storing your spare parts and tools on road, gravel or cyclocross routes.

  • Properties: Waterproof : Waterproof Compact
  • Weight: 40 g


  • Main compartment with expandable volume for storing spare and detachable cameras.
  • Three vertical pockets for storing CO2 cartridges, repair kits and/or compact multi-tools.
  • Main shell made of highly durable waterproof ripstop nylon.
  • High visibility reflective fabric on the front.
  • Rear area reinforced with PVC resistant to friction with the seat post or saddle.
  • Adjustable vertical Velcro® closure.
  • Attached to the saddle rails by horizontally arranged Hypalon Velcro®.


  • It provides essential volume for carrying spare tubes for road (700C 18-28) or gravel/CX (700C 25-32), along with tire changers, C02 cartridges or a compact multi-tool.
  • The interior is subdivided into four compartments for an optimal and organized adjustment of each of the spare parts or tools transported.
  • It is mainly made of waterproof ripstop nylon that provides high durability thanks to its high resistance to tearing and abrasion.
  • The front reflective fabric ensures absolute visibility in low light conditions.
  • PVC reinforced backside to extend the life of the bag.
  • The closure of the bag is ensured by a vertical Velcro® on the bottom of the shell, while another Velcro®, exclusive to the brand and arranged horizontally, ensures the fastening to the saddle rails.

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